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Mattress Topper Buying Guide & Top Pick's

Do you toss and turn in bed at night, trying to find a comfortable position? Do you wake up with an achy back or sore spots from lying down? It may be your mattress, and a memory foam mattress topper can help. Most beds are made with metal coil springs inside and a thin layer of cushioning on top of them that gets thinner over time. The sore spots you feel that keep you endlessly turning to get comfortable are pressure points. It may even feel like you’re lying directly on the floor, also if you use mattress pads.

The answer many people are turning to is to replace their mattresses with air or memory foam mattresses. This, however, can be expensive. Memory foam mattresses cost significantly more than an innerspring mattress—close to $2,000 just for a queen set. A relatively inexpensive alternative is to buy a memory foam mattress topper instead. A mattress topper can add years of life to a mattress that still offers even support but feels too hard and creates pressure on the joints. It can also make all the difference in getting a decent night’s worth of comfortable sleep. It is held in place with elastic on the corners.

Memory foam differs from regular latex foam in that it does have a “memory” that allows it not just to mold itself to your body shape. Still, if you shift your position, a memory foam mattress topper will remember its original form and spring back. In other words, it doesn’t develop permanent indentations, and it doesn’t get thinner with use. Interestingly, if you go to a sales showroom and get to see a model showing the layers inside a memory foam mattress, you will know that it isn’t solid memory foam. The layer of memory foam in the mattress comes very close to the thickness of the memory foam mattress topper. Memory foam toppers come in all sizes, from twin on up.

A memory foam mattress topper offers a different type of comfort and support than you would get with a topper made of feathers, wool, or the cheap egg-crate latex foam toppers that are less than an inch thick. They do store body heat, so some users report feeling warmer when they sleep on top of memory foam. The extra warmth can be comforting to people with arthritis, but you may find you don’t need as many blankets if you want to stay calm. Memory foam also needs to be aired out when you first bring it home, so you will need to remove it from the bag and lay it out across your bed with no sheets on top for a few hours. If you like a memory foam topper, you might also be interested in a memory foam pillow as well.

Foam Mattress Topper

We have all seen those commercials about Memory Foam Mattresses. We know we would like to have the comfort that those mattresses give, but there is just no way we can afford to spend $2,000 or more for a bed. There is a solution to our dilemma, and it is called a memory foam mattress topper. A mattress topper is a thinner piece of the same type of memory foam those expensive mattresses are made of. All you have to do is ensure you get it in the correct dimensions and place it on top of your existing bed and wallah. You get the same support for all the curves of your body.

This memory foam mattress topper works just like the memory foam mattresses. They will adjust to the shape of your body and distribute your weight evenly. They are dustproof and antibacterial. Very often, doctors will recommend memory foam on their bed for people with back pain or other sleeping problems. They are straightforward to take care of because they bounce back into their original shape after use. After several years these foam mattress toppers will start to break down and not be as effective. The better quality toppers will last longer. Many retailers will offer guarantees to replace your topper if it breaks down too quickly.

If you want your foam mattress topper to be comfortable, you will want to make sure you have a flat, firm mattress underneath them. If your mattress sags or is lumpy, then the foam mattress topper will accentuate to that shape, so your topper will not be the right solution for making an old worn-out mattress last longer. It will just make the right bed much better to sleep on.

For the best results with a foam mattress topper, it is a good idea to get one of the high-end toppers. These are six or eight pounds in density and will last for 15 to 20 years. These are the thicker, more luxurious topper, and will perform most like the memory foam mattress. If you have trouble sleeping, this is the type you will want to make sure you get. It would also be useful if an orthopedic pillow was used as an alternative to the softer feather pillows. Getting good restful night's sleep will be well worth the investment.

Feather Mattress Topper

When you crawl into bed at night, do you feel like you have fallen into a cloud? Does your bed wrap around you and make you feel like you are lying in the lap of luxury? If not, then you need to look into getting a feather mattress topper.

Unlike the traditional mattress pad, this mattress topper lies on top of your regular mattress and gives you an extra layer of soft support, much like a pillow top mattress. When you got to choose a mattress topper of this type for your bed, you need to consider what you would want in a down comforter. Look for the same things when buying a feather mattress topper to get one that is perfect for you.

* Consider the fill used in your feather mattress topper. Some toppers are filled with both down and feathers. If you choose a topper that is made of 100% goose down, your topper will last longer and have more loft. This down must come from mature birds as it is less likely to break through the ticking or fabric cover.

* Consider the construction of this ticking also. Poorly made ones will be stitched through or top-stitched. Choose one that has either channel or box baffles. These are small cloth strips sewn into the ticking, which gives the fill more rise while also keeping it distributed more evenly.

* Make sure you get a feather mattress topper sized for your bed. If you have a double bed, you need a double-sized topper. Manufacturers now make these in every size from single or twin to California king.

* Fill power should also be looked at. This number refers to the number of down clusters in one cubic inch. When looking at this number, you need to understand that this does not give you a sense of the firmness of the topper, but rather the quality. The higher the number, the longer your topper will last.

* High thread cotton covers should be chosen whenever possible. Most toppers come with a protective cover, and you want one. This is tightly woven. This helps to prevent down from poking through the fabric and disturbing your sleep.

Mattress toppers are frequently used in addition to a mattress pad rather than as an alternative. The choice is up to you. When you choose a feather mattress topper, you will sleep in comfort and luxury every night.

Firm Mattress Topper Equals Back Pain Relief

If you are having problems sleeping, suffering from back pains, neck aches, headaches, and arthritis pain, there is a savior in the market. It’s called the firm mattress topper. It’s made of the same material that the memory foam mattresses are made of, but it is thinner and meant to be on top of your bed. Once you use this mattress cover, you’ll be convinced that this is a world-class mattress cover. You will be getting the same benefits that the memory foam mattresses give you that you see on TV commercials, but without the expense of buying the whole bed.

The firm mattress topper comes in different size weights. You can get one for your twin bed, full bed, queen, king, and California king as well. There is even one for a baby’s crib. The weights vary from 2-4 pounds, for the thinner mattress meant for people who have minor problems sleeping. There is also a thicker mattress for the chronic pains that people have while sleeping. It weighs around 6-8 pounds and is the best quality, which also means it lasts longer than the thinner ones.

And if you’re confused as to which brand to pick, you look on-line and find several different brands, including Simmons, Beauty rest, and Serta. You’ll find the prices vary according to the thickness and weight of the mattress topper. They can be anywhere from $40 to $200. It just depends on what you need and how much you are willing to pay.

If you look on-line at the different kinds and brands of firm mattress toppers, you’ll find that there are reviews given by the customers who bought the toppers as well as the experts in the field. You’ll probably find that the mattress covers that received the top reviews are the ones that are made of latex and are the best at relieving pains.

The mattress cover works by helping distribute the weight of the person more evenly, therefore not allowing the body to tighten up where the weaknesses are. The firm mattress topper is antibacterial and is dust proof, great news if you have allergies. Take a look on-line and compare the benefits of each brand, size, and weight. You’ll probably find the best way to know if this is right for you is by going to your nearest mattress store and lying on the mattress cover. See for yourself how it feels. Not only is seeing believing but so is feeling.

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