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Top 10 Secrets about Tinnitus Treatment

1. Tinnitus may be caused by exposure to loud music or noise. The earlier you realize you have a problem with your ear or ears, the corrective measure taken in time can greatly prevent the worsening of the problem. This could be noise from the surroundings or through the use of earphones with loud sounds beyond the recommended.

If the tinnitus is caused by loud noise, the tinnitus treatment can be done by ensuring that there is minimum noise in the surroundings and temporarily stop the use of the earphones.

2. Tinnitus can also be caused by excessive ear wax on the ear or ears due to ear wax accumulation for a long period without it being removed. This wax may harden leading to a person suffering from tinnitus. In such a case, tinnitus treatment can be done through the cleaning of the ear to remove the excess ear wax.

In removing the wax, it is advisable that it is done by a knowledgeable person as doing it yourself may push the wax to the interior hence worsening the problem. The ears should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the ear wax does not build up.

3. Tinnitus treatment can be by diverting the attention of the person with tinnitus to other sounds. The ringing sound in the ear or ears can be counteracted by ensuring that the person does not concentrate on the ringing sound produced in the ear or ears.

You can divert the person’s attention by playing music or engaging him or her in a conversation which will make him stop concentrating on the tinnitus. With time, the problem will cease and the tinnitus will have been treated.

4. Tinnitus can be caused by allergic reactions to certain food substances. Most times, foods rich in caffeine such as soft drinks, tea, and coffee cause tinnitus. Tinnitus treatment can be by the reduction of the intake of caffeinated drinks. It is always good to understand the communication given by your body.

Sometimes tinnitus starts mildly but worsens due to negligence. If you take tea, coffee, or some soft drinks and feel some tickling, ringing, or wheezing sound from your ear or ears, you should stop the intake as this could be communication that it is allergic to your body.

5. Some medicines have been known to cause tinnitus or worsen the existing tinnitus. The medicines cause allergies to people and can cause tinnitus. The ringing sound in your ear could be caused by some of the medicines you have been taking to cure other diseases. Among them is a medicine which contains Aspirin.

For effective tinnitus treatment, you should disclose to your doctor the medicines you have been using before the tinnitus began. This will help your doctor in analyzing the probable cause of tinnitus. If he or she finds out that the medicines are the cause of the ringing sound in your ears, he or she will change the prescription to suit your problem without having adverse effects on your health like causing tinnitus or other allergic reactions to your body.

6. High blood pressure sometimes causes a buzzing or ringing sound in your ears. It is advisable to measure your blood pressure level as often as possible. This will help you contain it early enough to avoid serious complications in the future. Blood pressure can be caused by high sodium intake in your diet.

Tinnitus treatment can be by containing your blood pressure normal. This could be by changing your eating pattern and diet through decreased intake of sodium. You should avoid adding salt directly to your food while eating but instead add salt while cooking.

7. Stress can cause tinnitus. The tinnitus treatment for tinnitus caused by stress can be through physical exercise. Body exercise helps in increasing blood circulation into your body which ensures that oxygen is circulated. This blood circulation ensures that your ears have the required level of blood and oxygen and help in relieving tinnitus.

Physical exercises stretch muscles to ensure that all your body parts are healthy. You can choose to walk, run, swim, do some yoga or other simple exercise and the ringing sound in your ears will disappear and your sound ears are restored. Choose an activity that you will enjoy and do it repeatedly for better and faster recovery.

8. Use of herbs can help in removing toxins from your body and enhance proper blood circulation. Some of the herbs include hawthorn and Bayberry bark which is readily available in food stores in their natural form or as powder. Herbs also help in increasing the body immunity which makes your body fight intruders in your body like bacteria. Tinnitus treatment can be through regular intake of these herbs.

9. Massaging can help in relaxing your muscles which could have caused tinnitus. Tinnitus treatment can be by massaging your toes or your fingers. The toes and fingers are connected to all body parts through reflexes.

When you massage your last two small toes or your last two small fingers, some messages are sending to the ears which relax and the ringing sound disappears within a few days of the massage. You can perform the massage yourself or have another person do it for you. Do the massages at least twice a day.

10. Tinnitus could be a symptom of an underlying problem, especially in old age. If left untreated, tinnitus can worsen and lead to more complications such as total deafness. If you try treating tinnitus and the ringing sound in your ears does not stop within days, seek the advice of your doctor as this could be symptoms of other diseases.

Moreover, if the tinnitus is accompanied by other symptoms like vomiting, the tinnitus treatment would be through diagnosis by your doctor to know the root cause. The doctor will then give you the right prescription which will help in restoring your ears to their normal state and the ringing sound will disappear Be keen and determined to follow the doctor’s prescription.

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