Visco Elastic Foam Mattress Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Your Guide To Finding A Visco Elastic Foam Mattress

Visco Elastic Foam Mattress

A Visco elastic foam mattress is made of a special foam that will perfectly conform to the shape of your body, in response to your body's temperature. Your body weight is redistributed on the surface of the mattress, as the foam begins to conform to your shape. Because of this, more of the surface of your body comes into contact with the surface of the visco elastic foam mattress, as the foam changes shape, which causes the pressure per square inch to decline.

Eliminates Pressure Points

So areas of your body that were formerly under a great deal of pressure are now relieved, and areas that had no support are now supported. This weight redistribution is what makes a visco elastic foam mattress so comfortable. Pressure on some areas of your body, like your hips, can be reduced as much as 50%, resulting in less spinal pressure, improved circulation and decreased stress on sensitive pressure points.

Density Versus Thickness

Among the important considerations you must make when shopping for a Visco elastic foam mattress, the most important are density and thickness. As a rule, the density of this material will be between two and five pounds. Density is a measure of how soft or firm the mattress will be and of the recovery time (the time it takes to return to its normal shape, after being compressed). 

For example, a visco foam mattress with a two-pound density will be very soft and have a rapid recovery time, whereas one with a five-pound density will be very firm and have a slow recovery time. As a rule of thumb, most people will be comfortable with a four-pound density (try before you buy).

The Right Thickness

When it comes to thickness, most Visco elastic foam mattresses have between one and four inches of memory foam on top, with several more inches of various kinds of supporting foam underneath. As a general rule, between two and four inches of memory foam is all you will want. Any more and you will definitely feel like you are sleeping in a hole. As an aside, the same thing goes for mattress toppers; two or three inches should be sufficient; or for very heavy people, perhaps four inches, but no more.

Sleeping on a Cloud

Many people who have slept on a visco foam mattress report that it is like "sleeping on a cloud." This is because high-quality memory foam gives relief to pressure points that were formerly uncomfortable (a good reason not to buy cheap foam, made in China).

Also, because it moves with you when you turn (assuming you have chosen the right density and thickness for your size and weight), it provides good orthopedic support which adds to the experience of floating on a cloud.

The Heat Question

One last consideration is heat. Because a Visco elastic foam mattress is something of an insulator, it will feel warmer to sleep on than other materials. For this reason, if you usually sleep hot at night, you may want to try sleeping on a visco foam mattress before you make a purchase. For most people, this won't be a problem. The majority of users report sleeping comfortably warm.

If you do experience a "too warm" night, there are some fabrics that will help to neutralize memory foam's natural warmth. CoolMax® fabric is one of these. Cotton sheets will also help; there are some memory foams that have been engineered to produce a cooler feel. Be sure to ask about these issues when you shop.

The Last Mattress You'll Ever Buy

All things considered, a viscoelastic foam mattress will provide a night's sleep that was a rarity before you began sleeping on one. Most people say they will never sleep on springs again. It may be the last mattress you'll ever buy.

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