What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a cushioned filling that is normally set on top of a mattress to improve its feel and support. Most of them will have straps on the corner to help keep it firm on the bed and minimize the chances of it slipping off. The best mattress topper can be used to make the bed feel more luxurious and change the surface by making it softer or firmer. Though often confused with a mattress pad, the two differ slightly as a pad is usually thin and constructed from quilt cotton. A mattress pad focuses more on protecting the mattress while a mattress topper aims to change the experience on your mattress. A topper gives you the chance to improve the quality of your sleep without necessarily having to change the mattress.

Best Mattress Toppers Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Factors To Look At:


Quality sleep is essential for any person’s well-being. The main idea behind a mattress topper is to improve the feel and support of your mattress to get better sleep. Adding a topper to your bed should then make it feel better. You should choose a topper that feels great and more than that can provide comfort by offering support to your body and being able to regulate temperature accordingly.


Buying a mattress is a long-term investment, and thus, there is a need to get one that lasts. The best mattress topper should be able to resist untimely tear and wear. The filling in the topper should be able to withstand your weight and should remain intact even after several uses. A topper that is not filled well will wear off at an early age, which is a great inconvenience to you. The material covering the filling of the topper also needs to be able to withstand several washes without wearing off.


Mattresses come in different sizes and so do toppers. The size of the topper you buy should be commensurate with the size of your mattress. Mattress toppers, just like mattresses are available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Having the correct size of topper will ensure that it fits comfortably over the mattress. The right size of the topper also leaves the bed looking and feeling even.


There are a variety of materials used to make them and they vary in quality and texture. To give that extra measure of comfort, toppers can be used to make the existing mattress feel softer or firmer. Usually, the type of material you prefer on your mattress topper is a matter of personal choice, preference, and convenience. The best material for a topper should be comfortable and suitable for the user. It is a plus to get a topper with a water-resistant material as this ensures your mattress is protected from any damage caused by liquids.

Most are made out of memory foam, down feathers, egg crates, or wool. All type of material has its pros and cons. Choose a topper that best fits your needs.

Natural Latex Toppers:

They are durable and offer excellent support and cushioning. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and resists dust mites and mold. Using latex toppers ensures that there is no movement transfer during sleep. They also regulate body temperatures appropriately.

Natural Latex Toppers Best Mattress Toppers

These are difficult to clean and are also very expensive. Persons with latex allergies should desist from using these toppers.

Down Feather Toppers:

Made from delicate down feathers of geese and ducks, these toppers are highly preferred by those seeking an ultra-soft feel. They work well on firm surfaces and are not suitable for people with muscular and joint pains. Down feather toppers can reduce movement, making it easy for people to share the same bed peacefully. They are the best mattress toppers for all seasons; they keep you warm in the cold and dry and cool when it’s hot.

Down Feather Best Mattress Toppers

People with allergies cannot use feather toppers. Again, feather toppers are naturally not resistant to dust mites and bed bugs even though manufacturers try to cover them with treated materials to keep off pests.

Egg Crate Toppers:

These toppers are fairly priced, comfortable, firm, and provide a good night’s rest. The toppers are usually thin compared to others which makes them easy to roll up. Though not purely natural like wool toppers, they still offer a reliable and cost-efficient way to improve comfort.

Egg Crate mattress Toppers
Memory Foam Toppers:

You may not be able to afford the price of a foam mattress but spare some cash for a quality topper made from memory foam. Memory foam is a body-conforming material that makes it comfortable. It also offers great support to persons with painful joints. Toppers made from foam are very durable and also limit the transfer of movement to your partner as you toss and turn in bed.

Memory Foam Toppers

Memory foam is however reported to retain body heat, which makes it quite uncomfortable. The material is also really tough to clean.

Wool Toppers:

These toppers could be made from lamb or alpaca wool, as well as wool blends. They provide a soft and comfortable sleeping surface but lack body support abilities. Wool mattress toppers are the best for use during summer and warm winter as they naturally keep you cool. They are ideal for sensitive individuals with allergies and are free from invasion by bed bugs and mites. The toppers are durable and can be dry or steam cleaned.

Wool mattress Toppers

The only thing that makes people shy away from wool toppers is their high price. They are quite expensive but offer you value for your money.

Care And Maintenance:

A good topper should be easy to care for. Cleaning it should be simple and it should not hold on to stains. You need to get a topper that you can conveniently clean. It should not wrinkle so much when washed as then it will its shape and aesthetic quality.

Care And Maintenance of mattress topper

The price varies considerably depending on the features you looking for. Get a topper that is within your price range, but still gives you value for your money. Although price can be a constraining factor, do not compromise on the quality of the topper you get for its sake. With proper research into the market, it is possible to get a good topper worth a particular price.


The thickness will depend on your preference, budget, and the quality you are out for. Toppers usually range in thickness from, 1 inch to 5 inches. The standard thickness is 2 inches, which provides extra comfort compared to the mattress alone. A three-inch topper will let you sink slightly deeper and will feel softer and more relaxing than 2-inch toppers. The best mattress toppers are those that have a thickness of more than 4 inches. They are generally luxurious, and comforting and are very expensive compared to those with a thickness below 3 inches.

How do you pick the right product?

You need to identify the existing problem with your mattress to get a suitable topper. A topper enhances the quality that your mattress lacks and therefore it is impossible to get the most suitable product for yourself without fully understanding the current state of your mattress. Once you identify the problem with the mattress, you then go ahead to look out for a topper that will maximize your comfort.

Make sure to test the variety of products available in the market. Try lying in each topper for at least 5 minutes and then establish if the feeling it gives you is what you seek. If you are not sure about what topper to choose, you could seek advice from an expert who will recommend the right feel and thickness of topper to give you better sleep.

Know the various types of materials used to make the best toppers. Understand all their properties and then choose what you find most suitable for your use. By knowing the different materials used to make mattress toppers you get to identify which ones last long, are easy to clean, and provide ultra-comfort.

Get one of the right thicknesses. The nature of your mattress is what determines how thick the topper you get should be. In addition, your mattress topper should not substitute your mattress. It should just help make it more likable. There is a wide range of mattress thicknesses you can choose from depending on how much you’re willing to spend and your personal preference.

Why do we need to get the best mattress topper?

There are several health benefits associated with using the mattress toppers. Toppers made from foam or egg crate are alleged to help with conditions like sleep apnea, back pain, and fibromyalgia. No guarantee adding a topper to your mattress will cure any of these conditions, but users have reported that it does alleviate the symptoms related to the conditions.

A topper offers extra support to your mattress. The mattress by itself should provide proper support, but if it is worn out, a topper is a good way to enhance its comfort. Again, adding a mattress topper to a firm, supportive mattress makes the hard surface feel a little bit more relaxing.

Having the best topper means that it fits well on your bed and it feels good. A good-sized topper should not in any way affect how you spread your bed. With the right size of bed sheet, you can still comfortably and neatly spread your bed.

Your topper will only serve you long enough if it is of good quality. The best toppers give you value for your money and are durable. Take time to shop for the best topper to get something that is worthwhile.

A good mattress topper is designed with convenience in mind. Select the topper that has features to help it stay in place, that is, prevent it from sliding or slipping off. The best topper should have straps or features to hold it in one position and prevent it from falling over.

Mattress Care

Mattress toppers help protect and care for your mattresses. It shields the mattress from spills and dirt. Since toppers are easier to clean than mattresses, having them ensures that you can maintain the quality of your mattress for longer. There are also waterproof toppers that can keep any fluids from penetrating them and then eventually to the mattress. These are especially ideal where children are concerned.

Mattress Care best mattress topper

Toppers play a role in regulating body temperature while you are sleeping. This way you can enjoy better and more peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Toppers are known to help reduce movement caused while turning in bed. This way two people can comfortably share a bed without one interfering with the sleep of another.

What else?

Some people with special needs may require additional features. For such a group, there is the option to get a customized topper that meets their specific needs. Some of the special needs include therapeutic or orthopedic support, extra firmness, and motion isolation. Persons who are highly sensitive and suffer from allergies also need to be careful when choosing their mattress toppers.

With all the benefits you are bound to enjoy from using a topper, it then important that you take the task of getting one seriously. The topper market can be quite confusing and if in a rush, you may end up getting something that is not good enough. So invest your time, seek advice, and even learn a thing or two about what makes the best topper. An informed decision will leave you knowing what to expect with whatever type of topper you decide to buy. Do not miss the opportunity to indulge in luxurious and soothing sleep by making the wrong choice. Value is of the essence and it is only obtained when you put maximum effort into finding the best mattress topper.

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