Purple Mattress Lawsuit

Purple mattresses are facing a lawsuit in 2016 for using anti-tack powder in their mattresses, a highly harmful material that can cause irreversible damage to the human body. The controversy began in 2016 after a negative review on a website claimed that the company was using “toxic white powder” in their mattresses. The lawsuit aims to determine if the claims are true or false and if the company’s use of anti-tack powder is a violation of consumer safety. Purple is one of the most popular mattress brands globally, and the lawsuit was triggered by a negative review that the company viewed as inaccurate. The lawsuit aims to determine the truth behind the claims and provide updated information about the Purple Powder lawsuit.

How did this controversy begin with the Purple mattress?

The Purple mattress controversy began in 2016 when Honest Mattress Reviews, an online mattress review website, began posting negative and false reviews about Purple mattresses using a white anti-tack purple powder. The reviews quickly spread and became a source of defamation. Purple Mattress denied the allegations and even claimed direct connections with the owner of the Honest Reviews website. Instead of being a defendant in the lawsuit, Purple sued the owner of the Honest Reviews website. The Honest Mattress Reviews website published a study in 2016 that claimed Purple included white powder in their mattresses, believing it could cause serious health issues. Purple denied the claims, claiming that the owner had connections to rival mattress manufacturer Ghostbed and that Honest Mattress Reviews was intentionally tarnishing the brand’s reputation by making misleading claims about the white powder. In this case, Purple was the one who sued, rather than being the defendant.

Purple Mattress Powder: What Exactly is it?

Purple, a mattress company, uses a polyethylene-based powder in its packaging and shipping components to ensure the mattress stays intact. The powder is the subject of controversy, with some studies claiming it is toxic.

Purple claims it does not penetrate the mattress cover and does not affect the customer’s skin. Honest Mattress Reviews, however, criticized the powder’s potential adverse effects on human health. In response, Purple filed a lawsuit against Ryan Monahan, the owner of the Honest Mattress Reviews website, in February 2017. The lawsuit highlights the intense competition between mattress companies.

Is the Powder in Purple Mattress Dangerous?

Purple, a mattress manufacturer, has submitted a toxicology report during a lawsuit that substantiated the non-toxic white powder used in their mattresses. The polyethylene-based powder, made from the same hyper-elastic polymer used in other products like plastic bottles, food containers, cosmetics, and medical devices, is also used in pacifiers and pet chew toys. The lawsuit aimed to prove that the powder does not have any toxic effects on human or environmental health. Alternative brands like Vibe, Ashley, Avocado, and Zinus have not faced any legal issues, while other brands like Vibe, Ashley, Avocado, and Zinus are being sued. For more information on similar cases, refer to the Vibe, Ashley, Avocado, and Zinus lawsuits.

Why Purple Mattress did sue Honest Mattress?

Purple Mattress filed a petition against Honest Mattress Reviews owner Ryan Monahan and Ghost Bed CEO Mark Werner to prove their innocence against the anti-tack agent. They submitted their findings to the court with the help of an independent private investigation. Purple Mattress was confident that the white powder, claimed to be highly dangerous, did not have any adverse health effects on humans. Instead of defending themselves, they took a step forward to sue both owners and prove their association with each other. The case was a win for Purple Mattress with enough evidence submitted from their side.

What was the result of the Lawsuit?

Purple Mattress filed a lawsuit against Honest Mattress Reviews owner Ryan Monahan, claiming they were not guilty of using harmful substances or chemicals in their mattresses. They proved the anti-tack white powder safe for use through a private investigation. Purple took a restraining order and forced Honest Mattress Review to remove false accusation reviews. They also proved that Monahan and CEO GhostBed Mark Werner were working together to defame Purple Mattress. With sufficient evidence, the court declared Purple as innocent.

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