Purple Mattress Lawsuit

Purple Mattress Lawsuit

Anti-tack powder, a very dangerous substance that can affect a person’s body irreparably, is the subject of a lawsuit filed against Purple Mattresses in 2016. The company was accused of employing “toxic white powder” in their mattresses, according to a poor internet review that sparked the dispute in 2016. Establishing whether the company’s use of anti-tack powder violates consumer safety is the goal of the action, as well as if the statements are accurate or untrue. The case was brought about by a poor review that Purple, one of the most well-known mattress brands worldwide, believed to be untrue. The purpose of the litigation is to ascertain the veracity of the allegations and offer up-to-date details regarding the Purple Powder lawsuit.

What caused the Purple mattress controversy to start?

In 2016, an online mattress review company called Honest Mattress evaluations started publishing inaccurate and bad evaluations about Purple mattresses using a white anti-tack purple powder. This was the start of the Purple mattress scandal. Within moments, the reviews went viral and started spreading rumors. Claiming to have direct ties to the owner of the Honest Reviews website, Purple Mattress refuted the accusations. Purple sued the proprietor of the Honest Reviews website rather than being a defendant in the case. As per a 2016 investigation by the website Honest Mattress Reviews, Purple was accused of putting white powder in their mattresses since they thought it would result in major health problems. Honest Mattress Reviews was purposely damaging the brand’s reputation by making false claims regarding the white powder, according to Purple, who refuted the allegations. The owner was connected to the competitor mattress company Ghostbed. Instead of being the defendant in this case, Purple filed a lawsuit.

In essence, what is purple mattress powder?

A powder with a polyethylene foundation is used by Purple Mattress Company in their shipping and packing materials to keep the mattress intact. According to certain research, the powder is poisonous, which has created controversy.

Purple says it stays on the customer’s skin and doesn’t get through the mattress cover. The powder’s possible negative health consequences on people, however, were condemned by Honest Mattress Reviews. In retaliation, Purple launched legal action in February 2017 against Ryan Monahan, the proprietor of Honest Mattress Reviews. Mattress companies compete fiercely, as the complaint makes clear.

Does Purple Mattress Powder Contain Hazards?

The use of non-toxic white powder in Purple mattresses was confirmed by a toxicity analysis that the mattress manufacturer provided in support of a lawsuit. The powder with a polyethylene foundation is used in pet chew toys and pacifiers. It is created from the same hyper-elastic polymer that is used in plastic bottles, food containers, cosmetics, and medical devices. Proving the powder has no harmful effects on human or environmental health was the goal of the litigation. While some alternative businesses, like Ashley, Avocado, Zinus, and Vibe, are being sued, these brands have not encountered any legal problems. See the Vibe, Ashley, Avocado, and Zinus lawsuits for additional details on situations comparable to these.

Purple Mattress  White Powder

Is there a reason Purple Mattress sued Honest Mattress?

In order to establish their innocence in the face of the anti-tack agent, Purple Mattress filed a petition against Ghost Bed CEO Mark Werner and owner of Honest Mattress Reviews Ryan Monahan. Assisted by an impartial private investigator, they presented their conclusions to the court. Despite being said to be extremely harmful, Purple Mattress was certain that the white powder had no negative health impacts on people. They moved to sue both owners and establish their connection with one another rather than stand up for themselves. With sufficient proof provided by them, Purple Mattress won the lawsuit.

Which outcome did the lawsuit have?

The owner of Honest Mattress Reviews, Ryan Monahan, was sued by Purple Mattress, which maintained that their mattresses did not contain any dangerous materials or toxins. Their own investigation demonstrated the safety of using anti-tack white powder. Honest Mattress Review was forced to remove reviews that falsely accused the company, Purple, with the use of a restraining order. They also shown that Monahan and Mark Werner, the CEO of GhostBed, were conspiring to shame Purple Mattress.

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