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VeeFresh is a complete feminine hygiene routine that offers control, support and prevention. This specialized suppository promotes healthy vaginal pH and naturally resolves undesired odor.

Maintains and improves the professional appearance of the store including the cleanliness of floors, counters, stalls and pumps. Operates cash register and demonstrates excellent customer service.


Support a healthy vaginal pH balance while naturally resolving undesired odor with this unique new suppository. Formulated by Dr. Tori Hudson, this specialized suppository helps maintain the preferred normal acidic environment of the vagina while helping prevent future odor outbreaks.

Enjoy all the benefits of VeeCleanse in a convenient daily sensitive feminine wash and apple cider vinegar-infused feminine wipes bundle! VeeDaily is the perfect way to control symptoms of a pH imbalance and keep your intimate area feeling fresh. Infused with apple cider vinegar for additional antimicrobial benefits.


A gentle daily feminine wash for sensitive vees without the nasty chemicals, dyes, and fragrances found in traditional soaps. It gently cleanses & balances your pH while preventing future odor outbreaks for a fresh, clean feel. The formula is also infused with apple cider vinegar for additional antimicrobial and pH balancing benefits.

Shea butter is a powerful natural moisturizer that is naturally soothing for your delicate vaginal skin. Its emollient properties help reduce itching, discomfort, dryness, rashes, and other minor irritants. Shea butter’s antioxidant and essential fatty acid content support healthy vee tissue and protect it against harmful environmental stressors, like UV rays.

The suppository form of our Boric Acid provides a simple way to eliminate unwanted vee odor. Just insert 1 suppository before bedtime for 7 days. It is recommended to use it as needed for the most effective results.

A suppository applicator pack that comes with 7 suppositories of our VeeCleanse pills and a set of VeeGentle feminine applicators for an all-in-one vaginal hygiene regimen that includes control, support, & prevention for odor elimination. Pair with VeePower to help prevent future odor. Then, finish with VeeWipes for a quick and convenient approach to v health on the go!


Boost vaginal lubrication, soothe discomfort and help your body balance its natural microbiome with VeeSmooth, our gentle skin conditioning oil. Use daily to nourish & moisturize your intimate skin. Alleviates post-hair removal ingrown hairs, irritation, razor bumps & dark spots and leaves your skin feeling smooth & even. Suitable for all skin types.

Includes 3 VeeCleanse Boric Acid Suppositories and 7 Vaginal Applicator Packs (Item Size 0)

Bundle includes Apple Cider Vinegar Infused Female Wipes for Sensitive Vees & VeeGentle Feminine Wash for Normal, Dry or Oily Skin. Save 20%!

See label for full instructions. If you are sensitive to Boric Acid, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.


VeePower removes the odor-causing buildup of calcium and magnesium from the inside of your vagina. The simple, yet effective, routine of VeeCleanse boric acid suppositories, VeeGentle daily sensitive feminine wash, and VeeWipes apple cider vinegar infused feminine wipes provides control, support, and prevention for the ultimate vaginal care regimen!

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VEE candidate credit applications must be accompanied by official transcripts for all courses/educational experiences used for credit (with the exception of grades from ACTEX, Coaching Actuaries, The Infinite Actuary, and NEAS, which are sent directly to SOA). A minimum grade of B- or better is required for each course/educational experience.

VeeFresh Benefits

VeeFresh Benefits

Hy-Vee’s 401(k) Plan lets you invest pre-tax dollars to save for your future. We also offer a Preferred Employee Savings Certificate program that provides an above-market rate of return.

Founded in 2019, VeeFresh provides women with natural solutions to support their intimate health and well-being. Their research-backed products prioritize hygiene, balance, and comfort using safe, gentle, and nature-based ingredients.

Relieves Irritation and Discomfort

Freshen up after intercourse, during your period, or on a hot day with this gentle Boric Acid vaginal suppository. Just insert one for 7 days, then use once a week for maintenance. This unique new formula supports a healthy ecology and normal vaginal pH, naturally resolving undesired odor. Formulated by Dr. Tori Hudson, in a specialized suppository form that can be used at night.

Note: If irritation occurs, discontinue use and see your practitioner. Do not use if inner foil is torn or broken.

Keeps You Feeling Fresh

Supports natural pH balance, helps control odor and discharge with a feminine wipe that’s gentle on sensitive areas. Infused with apple cider vinegar for extra antimicrobial, pH balancing support. Perfect for period, post-sex, or anytime you need to freshen up.

Get back to your groove with a vaginal detox that supports healthy pH and a balanced ecology. This unique new suppository formula promotes a normal vaginal environment while naturally resolving undesired odor with a specialized formula in a convenient suppository tablet.

Just insert 1 suppository at bedtime for 6 nights, or as needed to help maintain a normal pH balance.

Controls Odor and Discharge

VeeFresh provides control, support and prevention for an all-in-one feminine hygiene routine. VeeCleanse supports a normal vaginal pH and healthy ecology, controlling odor and minimizing sex discharge. VeeGentle is a daily sensitive feminine wash that prevents future odor outbreaks and supports natural pH balance with gentle ingredients. VeeWipes are apple cider vinegar-infused feminine wipes for on-the-go vaginal care, supporting natural pH levels and overall feminine hygiene.

For severe odor, a specialized suppository fortified with Vitamin C promotes a healthy pH and ecology, naturally resolving undesired vaginal odor. Simply insert one suppository every night for 6 nights. Full instructions included in product packaging.

Supports Natural pH Balance

All organs and systems of the body help balance pH – the measure of alkaline or acidity in the blood. When the body becomes too acidic, it can cause damage to tissues and cells and interfere with optimal health.

Many foods, drinks and chemicals increase acidity. These include sugar, refined flours, processed foods, table salt, fried foods, meat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine.

Adding more alkaline foods to the diet can help neutralize acidity in the body. Foods that are high in alkaline include fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

A regular, gentle feminine wash can also help support the natural pH balance of your vagina. Avoid soaps with harsh chemicals that can disrupt your vaginal pH. Instead, choose a pH balanced feminine wash for sensitive skin like VeeGentle. You can also use a set of apple cider vinegar-infused feminine wipes to keep you fresh all day long!

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